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Mission Pierce Left Nipple (a.k.a Lucy) :: ACCOMPLISHED.

It hurt, but nowhere near as much as my lip did. (Which I no longer have.)
However, people who say the clamp is the worst part by far need to be punched in the balls - that's a load of shit.
The worst part is after the needle is in, and all your endorphins are wasted, and then the threaded barbell is pushed though behind it. I didn't flinch though, just a sort of loud, drawn out "Godamn sonovabitch!".
It looks huge and ungainly at the moment, (the jewellery that is) because in comparison my navel jewellery is tiny.
I can't wait for it to heal so that I can put a smaller piece in, including the smaller balls. Just looks better.

Once the marks he made to align it are completely washed off, I'll take pictures, and maybe post them here.
Does anyone really want to see my mutilated boob anyways? (Artfully mutilated, mind you..)

That's all I really have to talk about at the moment. It's too sunny outside to concentrate on much.

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