je suis la petite bete de person (systematiccalm) wrote,
je suis la petite bete de person

Hey thanks, Universe.

Woke up this morning feeling pretty much as I did before I fell asleep - headache, heartache and full of melancholic blahs.
(read - emo).
Got myself and the dog dressed to grab a coffee and on our way out I noticed an old, beat up cabinet in the hallway, made of old barnyard wood painted maroon.
Someone recently moved out of another unit on my floor, perhaps this is destined for the trash?
I pondered what I could do with it. Then I started getting excited. I could make this beautiful again. Beautiful and functional and well placed in the right space.
So I knocked on the door of the recently departed neighbor, and lo and behold painters were sprucing up the empty space.
"Hi, I was just wondering if this cabinet came from here? And if it's going out to the trash?"
Why yes it was. Would I like it? Would I like help getting it into my place?

Now I have a project. My headache is gone even though there are paint fumes all up in here currently. Who knew this is exactly what I needed?

So thanks, random chance.

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