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Laundry Faux-Pas?

My apartment building has one washer, and one dryer for tenant use. (Not cheap, either.)
There are 18 units in the building, yet somehow I've never run into anyone down there who is either waiting for the washer to become available, or is getting their dry clothes from the dryer.
Normally Monday's are a laundry day, as I have the day off and figure there won't be as many people home during the day to do theirs. I had a ton of running around to get done once I got home from the boys this morning, so I didn't get a chance until this evening.
When I brought mine down to put in the washer, someone else had theirs in the dryer, with 47minutes to go. Works for me, the washer is 40 minutes, I'll wait an extra 10-15 and head down.
I spend 55 minutes doing dishes, checking possibly campsites for July, ect.
When I go downstairs, the dryer is still full. Hm, ok.
I decide to be polite, head back upstairs and wait another 10. By the time I'm back down there, it has been almost half an hour since their clothes were done.
So I took theirs out (all Ikea shirts and a few wife beaters...) and put them on top of a garbage bag I brought down on the dryer. I put mine in and started it.
Was this excesively rude of me? If it wasn't so late in the day I wouldn't care, but by the time my clothes are dry, and I've ironed the ones that need it, it's already 9:30.

What do you guys think?
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